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HTW/JB Series

The HTW/JB series injection molding machines use a fast response variable pump that has a very high efficiency and low noise.The variable pump continuously adjusts the output pressure and volume of the pump to match the values called for on the screen for the various parts of the moulding process. This system contrasts with fixed delivery pumps employing valves to control the required pressure and volume, and dumping excess oil to tank. This can result in energy savings of 20%-40% compared with normal machines.

Main advantages of HTW/JB variable pump injection molding machine:
● Energy saving
● Fast system response and short cycle times
● Greatly decreases oil temperature of the system
● Smoother mould opening and locking, prolonging the life of the machine and the mould
● Prolongs working life of the hydraulic oil and hydraulic components, thereby reducing frequency of maintenance and maintenance costs
● The extra oil filtration requirements are met by special imported filter components